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Name: Mary aka Heidi, Noel, and Mizzle Jizzle.
Age: 14
Country: Unites States of Whatever.
Cartoon character who is most like you and why: meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force bc i have a little voice and i can chnage into many different things with my great acting skills and i like to jam with my peeps dancin the night away...and im always like whos my daddie? bc meatwad doesnt kno his real parents and uhh..neither do i BC I WAS ADOPTED!
Bad Habits: Bite my nails, yelling out "ALGEBRA" during biology, speaking Spanish in Italian Club, blowing my computer up....long story.
Community you were badly treated in: 0h_s0_em0
Stuff that makes you, you: My craziness, my weird faces that i make, my pervertedness, haha big word. Oh and my clumsiness.



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