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Name: Sharon aka Sherry, Cherry...
Age: 19
Country: USA - buffalo,NY
Cartoon character who is most like you and why: Rainbow Brite.. LOL she RULEZ!!
Bad Habits: umm i put things off too much and i end up forgetting things i planned on doing or i just say F@!* it im not gonna do it.. and i end up hurting ppl or hurting myself
Community you were badly treated in: well i havent had a community treat me bad but ive had alot of friends on here and their friends treat me like dirt and its pretty ishy...
Stuff that makes you, you: ummm i like CHICKEN!!!! and im just flat out weird... im very sarcastic so WATCH OUT!!! and ill speak my mind i dont give a rat booty so :P but im usually nyce about it.. im hardly sersious you can tell by the million LOLz i put after everything i say :D

here is my PIX there are a few other ish in there like my b/f and my camp and DISNEY lol so enjoy :D
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Can you please enable me to see your comments please? Otherwise i cant stamp you :o(
What kind of camp? Just regular?
it is a christian camp i hve been gong there since i was a baby