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Hello Everyone!

I just joined this community today. well here is my info (sorry if it is a bit

Name: Danika, aka Nikka

Age: 16

Country: U.S.

Cartoon character who is most like you and why: my.. lol. I'm not too sure, to be honest

Bad Habits: I admit I can act like the 'mother' whenever I am with a group of my friends. I know it can get a little bit irritating but I just can get a bit worried about my friends and I always want the best for them.

Community you were badly treated in: This is my first community. I am new to LJ

Stuff that makes you, you: I can be quite flexible with likes and dislikes... probably why people from different 'groups' of people like me. I usually have at least one thing in common with everyone. I try to get along with everyone. I love helping people with their problems and I love it when people can feel comfortable enough to tell me what is bothering them because it lets me know that they trust me enough to help them with whatever situation they are in. well... i'm gonna just keep it at this and let you decide whether I am worthy enough to join your community.

My picture ( I don't quite care for it but it is a decent pic):
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